ElectroLyfe™ 8 Ounce Pump


This ElectroLyfe™ 8 oz pump bottle is perfect to leave by your kitchen sink or fridge. Add 1 pump to 16 oz of water or juice to helps your body feel refreshed and balanced. There’s no need for us to add electrolytes, trace minerals, or magnesium to our liquid, they’re already there!

Enjoy ElectroLyfe™ with Magnesium Matrix® daily to feel refreshed during exercise, your daily walk, or when you are just relaxing with some quiet time for yourself. You deserve it.

This perfect to give as a healthy gift to friends and family.


To use, simply put 4 squirts of solution in your drinks during the day. Each squirt is approximately 1mL. You should consume 3-4mL per day to maintain proper mineral balance.


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