Value-size 30 ml. LymeplexPLUS® Nasal Spray


Developed with our LP2™ infused serum. 100% all-natural breakthrough, comprised of our proprietary formulas of amino acids, peptides, proteins and enzymes. Your patient’s will benefit with this fast, safe, and effective breakthrough relief in one powerful application! This is our value-sized, high quality, medical grade amber glass spray bottle . Doctor recommended for use for neurological signs of Lyme Disease.

Our environmentally friendly amber glass bottle is bursting with more value! 50% more product at an exceptionally affordable price!

If you are having neurological symptoms from Lyme Disease, we highly recommend adding LymeplexPLUS™ Nasal Spray to your protocol. Many customers report relief within the first 10 minutes!

*Because you insert the nozzle into your nose, never share any bottle of LymeplexPLUS® Nasal Spray products. Sharing the bottle can spread germs, so do the safe thing and make sure everyone who needs our nasal spray products has their own bottle.

Note: May cause a temporary burning sensation for approximately 10-20 seconds due to the unique PH level of the formula. Continued use often decreases this temporary discomfort.

Intranasal (i.n) drug delivery is emerging as a reliable method to bypass the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and deliver a wide range of therapeutic agents including both small and large molecules, growth factors, viral vectors and even stem cells to the brain and has shown therapeutic effects in both animals and humans.

This route involves the olfactory or trigeminal nerve systems which initiate in the brain and terminate in the nasal cavity at the olfactory neuroepithelium or respiratory epithelium. They are the only externally exposed portions of the central nervous system (CNS) and therefore represent the most direct method of noninvasive entry.

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