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that actually work in all areas of your life. Our products have been tested and proven to be effective; improving your health and well being.


We select only top-grade hemp plants grown on agriculturally responsible farms right here in the USA


The US Hemp Authority certifies our industry-leading standards in product safety and quality


We bring wellness to humans and the Earth by producing the highest quality CBD on the market


Our products are absorbed faster thanks to our nanotechnology that shrinks CBD particle size

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CBD Oils

CBD Oil also known as cannabidiol, which is a naturally-occurring substance extracted from the cannabis plant.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are consumable supplements that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

CBD Topicals

A CBD topical also know as CBD lotion, or skincare product infused with hemp-derived CBD.

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What CBD Strength Should I Buy?

CBD products use milligrams to refer to the potency or strength of CBD contained in each product or service size.

Low Strength

If you are new to CBD, have a fast metabolism, or have a low body mass index (BMI), start with a product that contains a lower potency, between 5 to 10 mg per serving. Start with CBD oils or products containing 150mg to 300mg.

Recommended Products: 
CBD Oils containing 150 to 300mg, CBD Gummies, CBD Tea, and CBD Water.

Medium Strength

For those who are somewhat used to taking CBD on occasion or have an average BMI, CBD products containing a medium strength are a good option. Purchase products containing 450 to 750 mg or use 15 to 30 mg per serving.

Recommended Products: 
CBD Oils containing 450 to 750mg, and CBD Capsules.

High Strength

For those who are accustomed to taking CBD, have a higher BMI, or have a higher tolerance for CBD, extra-strength CBD products are the ideal option. Purchase CBD products containing 750 to 900 mg or use 30 mg per serving.

Recommended Products: 
CBD Extra Strength Water Solubles , and CBD Cloud Tincture.

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